I began photography as a hobby in the early 1970's using Canon SLR film cameras and lenses. Over the years, I expanded my equipment and honed my photographic skills and capabilities. Eventually I changed with the times and converted to digital photography which has provided me with new avenues to explore my photographic and artistic expressions. Working in both color and black and white; my primary concentration is nature and landscapes, but I also enjoy photographing architectural and motor sport subjects.

What one sees either through the lens of a camera or with the naked eye is an individual experience; different colors, different shapes and textures, different contrasts. How the eyes see is very similar in various individuals; how the mind interprets what the eyes see are vastly different. My digital images and prints are a representation of what my eyes see, my camera captures, and my mind interprets.

Unfortunately, even the best modern digital sensors are nowhere close to matching the human brain regarding processing the dynamic range of light, highlights, shadows and color. I do not add color while processing my digital negatives; instead I coax the colors and hues that nature has provided to achieve the look that my mind interpreted when I captured an image.

My fine art photography can be viewed and purchased at the following locations:
Art IN Hand Gallery, 211 S Main St, Zionsville, IN 46077
Indiana Artisan, 22 N Rangeline Rd, Carmel, IN 46032
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